6 Surprising Items To Ditch Before Your Open House

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While preparing for their open house, most people know the value of clearing clutter and tidying up the place. In fact, your real estate agent will probably recommend this. But here are 6 surprising things you should hide before you open your home to potential buyers.

Pets. Get rid of signs of your pets, including beds, kennels, food bowls, and toys. Loose pet paraphernalia around the house reminds buyers that there's an animal in the home and may make them wary of animal smells or damage if they buy it. If you can't take your pets with you when you leave before the open house, consider opting for day boarding or hiding them at a friend's house for the afternoon. 

Religious or Political Items. The adage about not discussing religion or politics at the dinner table applies to open houses too. Some people could be offended or turned off by political or religious statements, and they are likely to notice them more than you'd expect. Keep the home neutral so that visitors don't become unnecessarily distracted. 

Fans and Heaters. Put away anything that might indicate that the house is not naturally comfortable. Space heaters could make people think the house is cold or not well-insulated. Fans make them wonder about how hot it gets. Even if it's small jury-rigged measures of comfort, like a white noise machine or earplugs for sleeping, get rid of it. 

Ashtrays. Buyers are very cautious about buying a home where smokers have lived. So hide any indication of smoking of any kind on the entire property. This includes cigars, cigarettes, and marijuana. Even if you or a family member only smokes outside, the presence of ashtrays or butts outdoors could make people think that you also smoke indoors. 

Family Memorabilia. The goal of an open house is to highlight how the house would fit into other people's lives. If you have too much family memorabilia, such as photos, drawings, knick-knacks, and mementos, on the walls and counters, it makes this process harder. Remove the majority of your personal items and place them away for the afternoon. You could leave one or two well-chosen photos or a cute drawing on the refrigerator just for conservative staging. 

Mail and Papers. While you're inviting shoppers into your home, don't invite them into your life by leaving personal documents around. Remove mail with your name on it as well as any paperwork lying around. Take valuable documents with you if they're not locked in a safe or desk. 

Hiding these extra items will help ensure your house is easy for home buyers to love and may result in a better price and a quicker deal.  


12 April 2018

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