Things To Consider Before Buying And Moving A Mobile Home

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One of the best things about investing in a mobile home is the ability to easily relocate it. If you're looking at mobile homes for sale, with the idea that you're going to move the home to a new location, there are some things that you need to know. Here are several things that you should consider before you make the leap and invest in that mobile home.

Make Sure You Know What Permits You Need

The regulations for each city, county, and locality are different when it comes to relocating mobile homes. Some areas require very little in the way of paperwork and permits while others require you to have the home inspected and apply for a relocation permit before you can do anything.

Some areas even have restrictions in place regarding the age and size of the mobile homes that are permitted within their boundaries. You should make sure that you know exactly what the regulations are, both where you're buying the home and where you're relocating it to, if they are different jurisdictions.

You can find out from the permit office and the zoning department. The zoning department can even tell you if your own private land is properly zoned for you to place a mobile home on it. You may need to have it assessed for utility access and infrastructure placement.

Is the Home Worth Moving?

Before you invest in any home, make sure that the home itself is worth relocating to where you want it. Remember that relocating a mobile home can cost thousands of dollars, so it's important that you are sure it's worth moving.

For example, if a large portion of the home's value rests on the property where it's situated, and the new location doesn't contribute the same value, it may not be worth the property investment to relocate the mobile home. For that reason, you'd want to look for another home that will actually improve in value when you move it.

Is the Home in a Park?

If the mobile home you're looking at is in a mobile home park, there are special considerations that you have to take into account. For example, you should reach out to the park management right away to find out if there are any regulations about moving the home.

Some mobile-home parks require you to give them a notice before you can move the mobile home out of the park. Other parks may have restrictions that don't allow you to remove a home from the park at all. Check with park management for this information before you actually invest in the home.

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12 April 2018

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