Renovating Your Home: 4 Reasons To Contact A Real Estate Consultant

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Before you make substantial upgrades to your home, consider consulting with a real estate professional. Real estate consultants give homeowners and business owners information about their property and their real estate market. Renovations often involve a significant expense. If you want to know whether it will be worth it to you, a real estate consultant can help.

1. Real Estate Consultants Know Your Market

If you're already at the upper end of your market, all the renovations in the world may not appreciably improve your property value. You can "outgrow" a market, to the point where buyers simply aren't interested in purchasing a home in that area worth more than a certain amount. A real estate consultant will know the upper boundaries of your area.

2. Real Estate Consultants Know Current Trends

Renovation trends change from decade to decade or even year to year. Before you commit to renovations that could appear to be dated or undesirable, you may want to consult with a real estate agent. Real estate agents can tell you what buyers are looking for now, though they won't be able to tell you what buyers will be looking for when you sell.

3. Real Estate Consultants Know Sticking Points

A real estate consultant can give you information on upgrades that may be less than desirable. As an example, you may want to finish your garage and turn it into an apartment. However, real estate consultants in your area may be strongly aware that very few individuals in your area want a home without a proper garage. Real estate consultants also know what the demographics are in your area; you may be in a demographic that strongly prefers finished basements, bars, or game rooms.

4. Real Estate Consultants Can Advise on a New Home Purchase 

If you're doing extensive work, at a certain point, it can become more cost-effective to purchase a new home. A real estate consultant can run the numbers to figure out whether it's better for you to upgrade your current home or purchase a new home. Consultants will consider more than just your current renovations, but also the potential of your market and other markets that you're considering.

Many home renovations are designed for you rather than for your market value. If you feel as though your renovations will help you enjoy your home, it may not matter whether they will be profitable. Nevertheless, a real estate consultant can give you a better picture of the financial impact of your decisions.


13 April 2018

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