Pros And Cons Of Installing Your Own "For Sale" Signs

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Some real estate agents hire people to install their "For Sale" signs on the lawns of new listings, while others will actually do this work themselves. There's no universally right way to approach this task, but you may find that putting in your own signs provides you with a sense of satisfaction. Before you decide to make this task part of your regular routine, however, evaluating the pros and cons is a good idea.

Pro: You May Meet Neighbors

A major benefit of installing your own "For Sale" signs is that you may meet neighbors who curiously watch you and then approach you to say that they, too, are interested in selling. For listing agents, generating new clients is one of the most time-consuming tasks that you must perform and one that isn't necessarily enjoyable. It simply doesn't get any easier than putting in a lawn sign and having someone approach you for representation.

Con: It Takes Time

There's no disputing that installing your own "For Sale" signs can take up valuable time in your busy day. The physical act of installing a sign isn't overly time-consuming (unless the ground is frozen), but the drive to and from the client's property will eat into your day. This can especially be a concern if you have multiple listings spread out across your area. In such a case, you may quickly realize that you're devoting a lot of time to this one simple task.

Pro: You Send A Good Message To Your Clients

Installing your own lawn signs can send a good message to your clients. For example, you're showing that you're working hard for them and that you don't feel above what some might deem as a menial task. This might seem like a minor benefit, but every chance that you have to impress your clients can translate into future business and even referrals from them.

Con: Maintenance Can Be A Hassle

You can't necessarily forget about your lawn signs after you install them. They can often require some degree of maintenance. For example, if you have enhanced signs with an enclosed compartment that holds listing sheets for people to take, you'll have to refill this compartment from time to time. In the winter, if you've installed your sign by pushing it into the snow, you may have to redo the job from time to time as the snow melts and causes the sign to shift.

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14 April 2018

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