Why Owning An Investment Property Is A Good Idea As A Real Estate Agent

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Many different people can benefit from buying a new house or a condo unit to use as an investment property, but you'll commonly find that this means of income is popular among real estate agents. If you're relatively new to real estate, you might not yet have explored doing so — but this is definitely an idea that you should keep in mind. Talk to your fellow agents about their investment properties to get insight that you can use to approach your own investment. Here are some reasons that an investment property is a good idea when you're a real estate agent.

It's Easier To Find One

When the average person wants to buy an investment property, he or she starts out by scouring online listings and will likely hire an agent for help. As an agent, you're in the best position possible to find a viable investment property to buy yourself. That's because you're likely perusing dozens of listings a day. You can even set up an automated search with your real estate software in which you'll automatically be sent listings that suit your criteria. All of this means that you'll likely be able to find the right property quickly and easily.

You Can Use A Commission Check For The Down Payment

One thing that stops plenty of people from buying investment properties is not having enough money for the down payment. Even if you set up an investment so that your tenant is paying you enough to cover the mortgage, having a lump sum for the down payment can be difficult. A big benefit of being a real estate agent is that you get hefty commission checks. And, while you'll often need your checks for living expenses, you may be able to set one aside to cover the down payment on an investment.

It Can Be Easy To Find A Tenant

Finding the right tenant is one of the necessary tasks upon buying an investment property. Instead of spending time advertising the unit and meeting with prospective tenants, you can simply consult a fellow real estate agent who specializes in rental units. This agent likely has a selection of clients who are looking for places to live, and he or she can recommend a client who will be suitable for you and your investment property. Given these reasons, you'll find that getting an investment property is easier than you think.


14 April 2018

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