Some Things To Consider When Thinking Of Moving In A 55 Plus Community

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If you are over 55 and you have been tossing around the idea of moving into a 55 plus community, then you want to go over the positives and the negatives you would experience living in such a community. Once you have considered all the information you should, then you can decide whether or not this is going to prove to be the right move for you. Here are things you want to think about:

This type of community will have rules and regulations – When you move into a 55 plus community, you can expect there to be a HOA in place. This means there will be rules and regulations that you will be expected to follow while you are residing in that community. These rules and regulations will be put in place to ensure that the residents will continue to have a safe and quiet living environment that has a cohesive look and other great amenities to offer. While the rules should be seen as a positive thing for these reasons, they may not work well for those who don't like to be told what they can and can't do with or on their own property. You need to decide whether you will view the rules as a positive or a negative.

You will live around a lot of others of a more mature age – You will also be living in an environment where most of your neighbors are also going to be of a more mature age. While this can make it easy for you to find people you have a lot in common with and make some great friends, you also have to be sure you are at this point in your life emotionally. If you are someone who still likes to pal around with the youngsters, have a lot of company and who feels and lives like you are still in your twenties, then you may find yourself having issues with neighbors who are set on living in a quiet area. If you aren't ready to settle down and blend in with the more mature folks, then you may not be ready for a 55 plus community quite yet.

You may have access to a lot of great amenities – Something else a lot of 55 plus communities do is offer residents the ability to enjoy a lot of amenities right in the community, cutting down on your need to go elsewhere for some things you want to enjoy or even some errands you may have to take care of. Some communities have pools, gyms, beauty parlors, cafes, business centers, postal centers and even bill pay services.


15 April 2018

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