Things To Never Discuss With The Buyer

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If you are selling a house, you should be careful what you discuss with your potential buyers because you may say something that may derail your sale. Here are some of the specific topics you shouldn't discuss with your buyer.

How Fast You Want To Sell The House

Potential buyers don't have the right to know why you are selling the house; this also means that you don't need to tell the buyers that you want to sell your house as soon as possible. Giving this information to your potential buyers is bad because they may play hardball with you knowing that you are desperate to sell. For example, imagine telling a buyer that you have to sell the house in two months time because you should be starting a new job, in a different location, by that time. What is to stop the buyer from making a not-so-great offer when your deadline is about to expire?

Things You Don't Like About The House

A typical person has things they love about their home as well as things they wish they could change. If you are like that, stick to the things you love about the house when talking to your prospects. As long as you don't contravene seller disclosure rules and regulations, don't discuss things you hate about the house. Telling your prospective buyers that you don't love the new highway coming up or how noisy the neighbors are may make them develop cold feet even if they had been interested in making the purchase.

How Long You Have Been Trying To Sell The House

Telling your buyers that you have been trying to sell the home for a long time is not good for your sales prospects. Some of the reasons home take a long time on the market is when they are overpriced, if they are located in a bad neighborhood, if they have defects or if they are not as good as other houses in the neighborhood. Do you want your prospective buyers thinking such things about your house?

Incentives That May Make You Reduce The Price

Let your prospective buyers come up with their own ways for seeking price reductions; don't do their job for them. For example, you shouldn't let your potential buyers think that you can accept a lower offer if they waive the inspection contingency. Do that, and you will never know whether the buyer would have made a higher offer without the knowledge.

Of course, a clever buyer may try to introduce one or more of these topics with you. The best thing to do is to refer them to your real estate agent. Contact a company like Almost Home Real Estate Services for more information and assistance. 


16 April 2018

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