Three Features Luxury Homes In The City Must Have These Days

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Luxury may seem like an easy word, but it actually means many different things at different times. Luxury homes back in the 18th century were lucky to have some form of interior plumbing. Today, luxury means having plenty of technology that makes your life easier. If you build or buy a luxury home in a major city, there are features that your home will be expected to have. Here are three features that luxury homes in the city must have these days. 

Balconies on each floor

Previously, a nice backyard was plenty when it came to outside space. Today, homes in the city may not have yards that are as big as they were previously. Having a balcony on each floor is something that many luxury single-family homes will feature. Often, the balconies on the upper floors will be built off the master bedroom or they will be attached to a loft-like living area. Having a balcony area provides an enjoyable space for fresh air despite the small size of the yard. 

Rooftop fun space

A flat roof provides the perfect place to extend the square footage of your home. With a flat rooftop, you can install a pool, hot tub, garden, and a barbecue area. This will allow you to save the outside grassy area of your yard for other activities. Having a rooftop deck inside of a larger city also offers the advantage of giving you a possible view of the city. This can increase the overall net worth of your home and make your neighborhood the next attractive area of the city. 

Electronic household controls 

Today, it is common for people to have more than one electronic device. Cell phones, tablets, computers, and other devices are all commonplace and used on a day-to-day basis. For this reason, installing electronic controls is a good idea. Install an electronic system that can control the temperature of the home as well as check the locks on the doors. Being able to set these functions will make sure that your family is comfortable even before you hit the door. A video system that allows you to monitor what goes on in your home will allow you to interact with your family and pets while you are gone. If you have a pet, an electronic feeder system will let you hand out treats and pet food if you will be at work a little late. These electronic home features up the ante from a nice-looking home to a truly luxury space. 


19 April 2018

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