Security Measures Your Apartment Community Should Consider Implementing

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Safety and security are one of the common reasons for why residents move from one apartment community to another. Even if your apartment community has not had any criminal incidents, having adequate security will give your residents a peace-of-mind.

Always Have Adequate Lighting

While you might think that the most important parts of great security are a sophisticated surveillance and alarm system, more important than this is adequate lighting. Criminals rely on a lack of lighting to hide their activities. When you have adequate lighting, it will be easier for other residents to identify when someone is on the property who isn't a resident. Also, improved lighting will reduce the risk of accidents and improve the well being of your guests.

Put Reasonable Access Restrictions in Place

Determine to what extent you wish to restrict access. This can be tricky because too many restrictions can be inconvenient for residents. For instance, you could require that a security guard check all IDs before guests enter the property, but this could be inconvenient for some residents. You could allow unrestricted access during certain hours while restricting access during other hours.

Install Locks for Common Areas

Install locks not only on the doors of individual apartment units but also to prevent access to common areas. When intruders have easy access to common areas, they will have an opportunity to break into individual units without being seen. Also, by restricting access to common areas, you will reduce the risk of loitering.

Issue IDs

Issue IDs to tenants. This will allow security to more easily identify who should and shouldn't be on the property. Also, make sure to request that guests provide their license plate numbers and car makes, models and colors. Then, security can identify when an unauthorized vehicle has sat in the parking lot.

Install Surveillance Cameras

Consider installing surveillance cameras. When a crime does occur, you will have a recording of what happened, which will assist in seeking prosecution for offenders. Also, simply seeing surveillance cameras will give many tenants a peace-of-mind.

Hire Security-Conscious Property Managers

The easiest way to improve security is to hire a property management company that makes security a priority. Even something as simple as taking good care of your apartment will improve security because there will be fewer opportunities for criminals to break in and criminals are more likely to break into apartment communities that do not have adequate maintenance.

For more information, contact your local property managing services.


22 April 2018

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