Everything You Need To Know About Bed Bugs


Bed bugs aren't a made up bug from a rhyme; they're an actual bug that is anything but cute. These bugs are tiny in size but can bite you leaving you with itchy welts on your body. They can multiply and take over your home if you aren't careful. Read on for more information about bed bugs.

They Aren't Just In Your Bed

Although the name would suggest these bugs are located in the bed, they can be in your carpeting, couches, dressers, and tables, behind baseboards, electrical outlets and even behind wall hangings. Bed bugs can be just about anywhere in your home, so if you've found them in your bedroom, you need to check the rest of your home to see if you have bed bugs elsewhere as well.

They Like Darkness

Bed bugs like dark rooms, so if you haven't spotted bed bugs in other areas of your home, be sure to keep the other rooms in your home well lit to prevent the bugs from traveling to other areas of your home. It helps to keep them confined to the infested room and prevents them from going anywhere else, which makes getting rid of them a little easier on you.

They Like To Travel

Bed bugs have not problems with traveling, so you could pick up a few riders on your luggage, purse or other belongings while on vacation. Bed bugs can be at the hotel you are staying at, and you could very well bring these bugs home with you. While traveling, be sure to keep your belongings inside your luggage and keep your luggage off of the floor. If you can, line your luggage with a plastic bag to prevent bed bugs from getting inside your clothing and other belongings.

They Can Be Easily Spotted

When looking for bed bugs, look for a small flat-bodied insect that is a reddish-brown color. These bugs are small, but can easily be seen. You may even spot traces left behind such as blood smears, fecal matter or the skins (these bugs shed their skin). You could even spot life insects, as they don't move very fast. Look around the seams of your mattress, the underside of your furniture, behind baseboards, and near receptacles.

They Feed Off Of Your Blood

Bed bugs need a host to survive, meaning they are going to survive on your blood (or some other warm-blooded host such as a dog or cat). These blood-sucking insects may leave you with itchy marks on your body, usually on your torso and the markings on your body are most likely going to be in a straight line.

Bed bugs are bugs that you do not want in your home. If you have a problem with bed bugs, hire a bed bug extermination service to help you get rid of these bugs. 


23 April 2018

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