Rent A Convertible Apartment Unit When You Have Shared Custody Of Your Child

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A convertible apartment unit, one that has a bedroom but also boasts a common area that is large enough to support a bed and other furniture for a second person, can be valuable to many people. This flexible space allows you to use the main room for applications such as a living room or dining room, but then also have a bed in this area should a house guest be staying over at your apartment. If you're a divorced parent with shared custody of your child, a convertible apartment can be the right call when you're looking at apartments for rent.

When The Child Is Not With You

Shared custody means that you might go a week or perhaps even more without the child living with you, as he or she will be staying with the other parent. During this time, you can use the convertible space in your apartment unit however you intend. For example, you might like a large living room area so that you can have friends over to watch sporting events. A couple couches and a coffee table can easily fit into this space. You'll still have your private bedroom.

When The Child Is With You

Prior to your child's regularly scheduled arrival, it's time for you to get busy converting the space in your apartment so that you're ready to accommodate him or her. You can start by moving the furniture out of one half of the convertible space and setting up a bed in this area. A futon or other type of folding bed can be handy. You'll also want to put some other essentials in the area, such as a bedside table and a dresser. Perhaps most importantly, you'll need to block off this part of the convertible space. An effective way to do it is with a heavy curtain hung from a tension rod. You may wish to leave up the curtain and the rod all the time, but just have the curtain pulled back when this space isn't in use as a bedroom.

Considerations To Keep In Mind

If your child is of an age that he or she needs more privacy, you might want to give him or her your bedroom while you take the temporary bedroom space in the main room of your apartment. Either way, you'll want to evaluate what furniture you need and how you'll use it. Sometimes, furniture pieces that can have a double usage can be handy.


25 April 2018

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