Considerations for Overseeing Furnished Rental Units

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If your rental building has furnished units, you need to keep them in mind when you're the property manager. While unfurnished units are pretty simple in terms of clearing them out after a tenant leaves, you'll need to take a slightly different approach with furnished units. Many renters appreciate furnished units, including those who are renting an apartment in a different city for work. Here are some considerations that you'll need to keep in mind when you're overseeing furnished rental units in your building.

Have Plans for Replacing Them

The furniture in your furnished units won't last forever. While you might want to get as long out of each piece as possible, you also need to remember that when any of the furniture looks old, this may actually discourage people from renting the unit. Over the years, you'll get a sense of how often you need to replace these items. Upholstered items such as couches may need to be replaced more frequently than items that are more durable, such as tables and entertainment units. Because your job as properly manager also includes budgeting, you should always plan to have money in the budget for replacing these items.

Make Time to Clean Them

It's important to professionally clean each rental unit between tenants, and you should take a similar approach to the furnishings. It can be easy to took at a couch, for example, and deem is to be clean, but a professional cleaning can often make it look and smell better. You don't want a new tenant lying on the couch and being able to smell a former tenant's odor, for example. Having an upholstery cleaning service visit your building to carefully clean the furnishings before you show the unit to a new potential tenant is a smart investment.

Consider the Best Layout

When a tenant moves into a furnished unit, he or she may choose to move some of the furniture around to best suit his or her needs. You shouldn't necessarily leave the unit set up in this manner, however, as it may not be widely appealing to future tenants. Always give some thought to the best possible layout for the unit and its furnishings. You want the unit to feel as spacious as possible, but also have a cozy and appealing feel. You may even wish to hire an interior designer to look at your rental units and give you an idea of how to best set them up. You can then replicate this layout whenever you're showing a unit to a prospective tenant.

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27 April 2018

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