First Time Buyer Concerns

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If you are going to be buying a single family house for the very first time, then you should learn about some of the mistakes many first time buyers make, so you can go ahead and avoid making those same mistakes yourself. Here are some big mistakes you want to avoid making once you decide to buy that first home:

Avoid going into things not knowing what you can afford

Your first instinct may be only to consider what your mortgage will be when you buy a home. However, you should be considering much more than just the mortgage. If you are buying a home in a private community, then you will also have the HOA fees to pay each month. Plus, you need to consider insurance,  utilities, other services you will want, yard maintenance fees and any other applicable fees, such as pool maintenance. Before you make an offer on a particular house, you want to make sure you are well aware of the total cost of buying and maintaining that home, so you go in with your eyes open and knowing you can in fact afford it.

Get preapproved before you get started on your search for a home

You can make things a whole lot easier on you if you don't try to start the home shopping journey until after you have received a preapproval letter from a lender. There are a few good reasons for this. The first thing this letter does for you is it depicts you as a serious buyer instead of someone just wanting to look around out of curiosity. It will also let you know the amount that you can be approved for, so you don't end up wasting your time looking at homes that you wouldn't even be approved for.

Avoid letting emotions get the best of you

It can be easy for you to see a home that offers you everything you are looking for in a price you can afford and feel emotional about the possibility of getting that home. However, the more emotionally attached you let yourself feel about a house before you even know if they are willing to accept your offer, the bigger the chance will be of you feeling crushed if you aren't able to get the home. It's much better for you to refrain from having too many emotions about a place until you are in Escrow with it.


27 April 2018

Choosing Beautiful Real Estate

I have always been someone who is passionate about making the world around me more beautiful, which is probably why I was drawn to real estate initially. I really wanted to create a place where me and my family could spend a lot of time together in a peaceful, relaxing place, so I started looking for places in my area that were fit for the job. Within a few months, I was able to find an incredible property that was within my price range, so I purchased it as soon as possible. This blog is all about choosing beautiful real estate.