How Do You Know Whether It's Time To Sell Your Home Or Not?

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Timing is as important as anything else in the real estate market. If you put the right house in the market at the right time, you could be laughing all the way to the bank. If you do the opposite, you could end up selling your house for much less than what it's worth.

However, the big question is always how to know whether or not it's the right time. There are several signs that you can use to guide you.

The Neighbors Just Made a Fortune Selling Their House

There is no guarantee that just because someone was willing to pay your neighbor a certain amount someone else will do the same for your house. However, assuming that you have a similar type of house with the same number of bedrooms, you can take this as a sign to start testing the waters. Talk to your real estate agent service and ask them to do a valuation so you can know how much you'd get in the present market.

There's Just No More Space Left

There are times when selling comes out of necessity such as when there's just not enough space for your family anymore. If you're still staying at the house you started out in as newlyweds, you may find that with another baby coming along, there just won't be any room left in that house. At this point, you should seriously consider finding a new place and putting your current house on the market.

Interest Rates Are Low

Timing is as important to home buyers as it is to you. Buyers want to buy homes when the conditions favor them. If you're going to put your house on the market when prices are high, you're more likely to get a buyer when the interest rates are low. Low-interest rates make it easier for buyers to make mortgage payments and this will mean they'll be more people looking to buy.

You Can Afford to Move

Moving can be a very expensive proposition. You need to have the money to buy a new house, hire professional movers, get the new house ready and perhaps make some improvements on the current home before putting it in the market, so you get the best possible value. Once you have enough money to do all this, you're ready to put your house on the market without worrying that you won't have a place to go home to.


27 April 2018

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