Pros And Cons Of Selling An Octagonal House

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If you live in an octagonal home, you might be the only one in your circle of friends with this unique living arrangement. Even if you've thoroughly enjoyed living in this style of home, it may soon be time to list it for sale and move into a new community. Before you attempt to sell your octagonal dwelling, it's useful to realize that there are some pros and cons that you could experience. Hiring the right real estate agent — ideally, someone who has previously sold houses similar to yours — will be instrumental during this time. Here are some pros and cons of selling an octagonal house.

Pro: Interest May Come Quickly

Even though most people don't own octagonal homes, you may find that there's a considerable amount of interest in your listing because of its unique nature. This could mean that as soon as your house hits the market, your real estate agent begins to field calls about it. Any open houses you schedule, too, may be heavily attended. All of this can add up to you selling the octagonal home quickly.

Con: Difficulty With Pricing

In some scenarios, you may find that it's challenging to price your octagonal home appropriately. Real estate agents are highly adept at pricing homes based on comparable properties around the community, but if you own the lone octagonal home in the area, it may be difficult to come up with the right price. The result could be that you price the house a little too high, which could make it slow to sell.

Pro: An Opportunity For The House To Shine

Every seller has a chance to make his or her home shine during the open house, but this is especially true of octagonal home owners. Homes of his nature are widely known for being spacious inside and being bright because of their surplus of windows — and, of course, the windows only augment the brightness. By tastefully staging your octagonal home before the open house, you'll have a big chance to wow visitors.

Con: The Uniqueness Could Scare Off Buyers

The flipside of many people being curious about your octagonal home and potentially wanting to buy it is that some people may like the location, price, and size, but be scared off by the unique nature of the residence. Some people can be unnerved about buying a home that stands out too much, and an octagonal home can definitely fall into this category. Hopefully, though, you'll have more people interested in the home that intimidated by it.

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27 April 2018

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