Three Things To Do Before A Final Walkthrough At Your Vacant House

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Selling a home that sits vacant presents you with a few additional challenges that you'll need to address. As the date of the final walkthrough approaches, you'll know that the closing date is coming, too. This isn't a time for you to sit back and cross your fingers that everything with the walkthrough will go smoothly and that you'll have sold the house in a matter of days. Instead, you should pay a visit to the vacant house before the scheduled walkthrough to tend to a few last-minute matters. Here are three things that you should do on this visit.

Ensure That You've Done What Has Been Asked

During the final walkthrough, the buyer will be dutifully looking at each issue that he or she previously brought to your attention and ensuring that you addressed it. Failing to have fixed a problem before the final walkthrough can threaten the timely sale of your home, so you'll want to visit the vacant residence with the to-do list in hand and make sure that you dealt with every problem properly. Sometimes, it can be easy to overlook a smaller issue because you were busy with the bigger ones, and catching it now and fixing it is important.

Check That Nothing Else Has Happened

If you don't visit the vacant home regularly, you'll want to give a quick assessment of the property to ensure that nothing has happened since the buyer was last there. For example, vandals can sometimes target vacant houses, and the last thing you want is for the seller to arrive and see that someone has thrown a rock through a window. Should you catch an issue like this in advance, you can arrange to have it fixed promptly — and perhaps contact the buyer's agent to push back the walkthrough accordingly.

Provide Easy Access

There may be factors that limit the ease of access to your vacant property for the buyer and his or her agent. For example, in the wintertime, a recent snowfall could make it difficult to enter the driveway and walk up to the front door. If such an issue is present in your scenario, you'll want to improve access for the buyer and agent before they arrive. In this case, shoveling the driveway and front pathway can make for a welcoming scene that sets the final walkthrough off on the right foot.

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27 April 2018

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