Keys To Successful Office Fire Alarm Use


It's a given that your office needs a fire alarm system, but do you know how to ensure that each alarm stays in great shape, and how to ensure that everyone knows what to do when the alarm goes off? Yes, you should hold fire drills, but there's more to it than that.

Maintenance Schedules

Just as homeowners often forget to check the batteries in their home smoke detectors, so too do office building owners and company executives forget that commercial fire alarms need maintenance as well. Battery-operated models may need new batteries, wired models may need inspections to ensure the wiring is still connected, and the controls to set off an alarm need to be maintained. When arranging for commercial fire alarm installation, office managers need to obtain the maintenance schedule for the models of alarms they're getting. Many fire alarm and fire safety companies offer service contracts, which provide scheduled, regular maintenance. Contact the company that provided your alarms to see if they offer this service. 

New Employee Training

All new employees (and all long-time employees, if you're installing a new system) need training on how to set off an alarm and what to do if they see this or that phenomenon. For example, what should an employee do if he sets off the fire alarm by leaving something in the office microwave for too long? If there's no fire (just smoke from the burning food), who should the employee call to turn off the alarm? If there is smoke or fire, what's the procedure? And how can an employee recognize that an alarm fixture needs maintenance?

Accessibility and Auditory Issues

When you install new models of alarms, check how each alarm would be able to alert workers who are deaf (even if you have no deaf workers now, you might in the future, or there could be visitors to the building who are). Many models have flashing lights to alert those who can't hear the alarm. Also take the time to review escape routes and how people with visual impairments and those who use wheelchairs would be able to get out.

Whether you're choosing a system for a newly built or remodeled office or trying to replace an older system that is no longer working well, you need to find alarms that can be used by everyone. Take a look at all the models provided by fire alarm companies and see which ones offer the features that you truly need.


28 April 2018

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