Expecting a Baby and Buying a New Home? 3 Unexpected Features To Look For

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Purchasing a house when you are expecting to add a child to your family can come with increased concerns since you'll be selecting a house with more than just your own needs in mind. Since it's vital for you to make sure that your family is comfortable after moving in, you'll need to look for features that can make a certain home a better fit for your growing family.

Discuss the need for some of the following features with your realtor so that you're able to settle your family into a home you'll love.

Multiple Stories

While a single-story home can seem appealing since stairs can be a cause of concern with a baby in the home, having multiple stories might actually be a bonus instead. It can be so nice to have two separate stories so that you can spend time downstairs while the baby or child is sleeping upstairs and not worry about the noise waking them up, and it's nice to create some separation between the bedrooms and rest of the house.

Looking for homes with multiple stories and getting a gate put in at the top and bottom of the stairs can ensure that the house is still a safe fit for your family.

Enclosed Laundry Room

When you have a baby, you're going to need to get used to doing a lot more laundry than before. If you are going to be using cloth diapers, you may find yourself needing to do laundry multiple times a week. Since you'll want your home to be quiet when you're resting, it's a smart idea to look for homes that will have an enclosed laundry room.

Covered Outdoor Patio

Spending time outdoors is a good idea for getting fresh air with your new baby, and will expose your new child to some of the allergens that will help build up their young immune system. Since sun damage can be a real concern due to how sensitive your baby's skin is, it's smart to prioritize a covered outdoor patio so that sun protection can be an easy thing to attain.

As you look into homes for sale, it's vital that you prioritize features that are going to be helpful with the arrival of a newborn. While the size of the home and number of bedrooms are two things that you might have already put a lot of thought into, you might not have considered the benefit of the above features, making them great things to look for.


1 May 2018

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