Make Mine Vintage: Dealing With Older Homes

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Nothing can compare to the look and feel of an older home, and if you have your heart set on owning one you know that nothing else will do. Your desires might be fulfilled since there are very likely more older homes available than new ones, and older homes can be a bargain. One major issue you may have noticed with older homes is the lack of closet space. Read on for some tips that will have you moving forward with your vintage choice without having to give up a thing.

Why the lack of closets?

The need to store an ever-changing wardrobe is a fairly recent issue. You can find very old homes with no closet space at all, and this might be due to the way homes in Europe were taxed on square footage. Enterprising homeowners attempted to make up for the lack of a dedicated space for clothing by using pieces of furniture. Here, instead of closets, you might find chests, wardrobes, armoires, and trunks for clothing storage. Even in the last hundred years or so, people made do with less clothing, often wearing the same few pieces until they had to be replaced. This meant that homes might have a closet, but it might be small and useless for today's consumes. There are, fortunately, some clever solutions available for those who must have that vintage property.

It worked earlier, so why not now?

If you just need a bit more storage space for clothing consider using trunks, chests, and other free-standing wardrobe cabinet pieces. You can even find pieces that will blend in with the décor of that old Victorian home on the corner. The space under the bed presents a perfect place for out-of-season wear to free up more closet space, and folding some clothes are much better for them than hanging them anyway.

Be smart with the space you have

If you do have a small reach-in type closet, make the most of it by using every inch. Add shelving and smart closet systems that presents you with a space for everything. Most of these systems are an affordable and easy way to add more options to what you already may have.

Do a room makeover

Using a small bedroom or nursery nearby the bedroom is another option. Though the trouble and expense are greater, the walk-in closet that you've previously only dreamed about might be just next door. You can create an opening to the master or go the easy route and just outfit the room with shelving, mirrors, rods, and prefab closets systems to create your own personal dressing room, closet, and sanctuary.

An older home could be in your future regardless of the lack of closet space. Speak to a real estate agency like Spears & Co Real Estate today.


1 May 2018

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