Insight To Help You Finance And Plan Your Budget For Your Next Home Purchase

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Searching for your dream home to fit your's and your family's needs is a fun process as you look at the many different homes available on the market. But in addition to a home's features, you also need to consider the costs and money you will need. Here are some tips to help you handle the financial side of buying new homes in hill country.

Determine Your Budget

An important part of the financial side of buying a home is to figure how much you can afford, including within your monthly budget and with the total purchase and loan amount. First, consider all your monthly expenses that come out of your income. You may want to write a list of all your monthly bills, including auto insurance, gas, groceries, utilities, and credit card and auto loan payments. Be sure to include a monthly savings allowance so you are sure to save for your future.

You will also want to talk to a mortgage broker to find out how much loan you qualify for. This will give you an idea of how much the mortgage principal and interest payment will be each month. Be sure to add in home owner's insurance premiums and taxes onto the monthly amount, as these will also be included in your monthly payment. It is important to make sure you can afford the monthly payment on your preapproval loan amount. If you are not comfortable with the payment amount, you may want to search for a home that is less-expensive so it will fit better into your budget.

Arrange for Closing-Day Funds

When you sign the documents to purchase and close escrow on the home that you have chosen to buy, be aware of any closing costs and a down payment you will be responsible for paying. Your mortgage broker will let you know how much your down payment is on the loan, so you should have a cashier's check for the funds at the closing meeting. Depending on your loan, you may be required to pay a certain percentage of the loan amount, which lowers the loan's amount and reduces the payments and the amount of interest you will pay on the loan.

And if you will be covering the closing costs for the purchase, you will need to pay these, as well. Closing costs can cover items, such as prorated property tax and home owner's insurance, the loan origination fee, the property appraisal and inspection, and the title insurance for your property. 


3 May 2018

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