The Key Differences Between Renting And Buying A Home

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If you are trying to determine whether you should rent a home or buy one, you might want to start comparing the two options to see the differences. There are a lot of differences between renting and buying and comparing these differences may help you decide which option is right for you. As you compare these options, here are some of the key differences to keep in mind.

Renting will most likely cost less

The first difference between renting and buying a house is the costs of each. Renting can be expensive but owning a house will almost always cost more than renting. When you own a house, you are solely responsible for everything the house needs, and you will have to pay for everything out of your pocket. If you feel that you have enough income to cover the extra costs of owning a house, then buying a house might be a good step to take right now.

Renting offers free repairs and maintenance

Another key difference between renting and owning a home is the way repairs and maintenance tasks are handled with each. When you are the owner of a house and something breaks, you will have to call a repair technician to your house yourself, and you will have to pay the bill he or she gives you. Even if you buy a house that is relatively new in a new home subdivision, things can still break, such as your furnace or your refrigerator.

When you rent, you can call your landlord anytime something breaks. It is the landlord's responsibility to hire someone to make repairs, and your landlord is also responsible to pay the bill the repair technician writes up.

Buying a house might offer more tax benefits

The third thing you may want to compare is the tax benefits of each offer. You can write off the amount you pay in rent on your state taxes, in most cases, but that is about the only tax benefit you have. When owning a house, you can write off the interest you pay on the loan, and you can also write off the closing costs you pay when you get the loan.

As you compare these three differences and look at your financial picture, you might decide that buying a home would be the best choice for you. If so, you can talk to an agent in your town to help you get started with the home-buying process.


3 May 2018

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