Things To Carefully Look At When Reading A Lease

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If you are renting an apartment there are a lot of steps you should take when choosing the right one, and you should always read over the lease very carefully before signing it. Here are some of the top things you should carefully examine on the lease that you will have to sign when renting an apartment:

When is rent considered late?

The first thing to look for is the policy on paying your rent, including when it is due and when it is considered late. Many landlords will give tenants a grace period of a couple of days to pay their rent, but they will also charge a late fee if the rent is not paid within this time frame. You should find out exactly what the time frames are so that you can be sure you do not encounter any late fees with your rent. You should also look at the lease to see what options you have for paying your rent.

Do you have to give notice of moving out if your lease is expiring?

Another thing you should read on the lease is the policy regarding moving out. If you sign a one-year lease and want to move out when the year is up, the lease might require you to submit this request in writing within a certain number of days before you move out. It's important to know this rule if you plan on moving out early or when your lease is up.

Are there things you must do when you move out?

You should also read over the lease to see if the landlord requires that you do certain things when you move out. For example, do you have to get the apartment cleaned by a professional cleaning company? Do you have to shampoo the carpets? There can be certain stipulations tenants must follow when moving out, and these will be listed on the lease agreement.

Does the landlord have permission to enter the apartment?

The other thing you should look for on the lease is the rules about the landlord entering your apartment when you are not home. Most landlords have the right to do this but only for certain reasons, and you can read the lease to find out what this particular landlord can and cannot do.  

Reading over a lease is very important so that you know the rules of the apartment you're renting. If you have questions about a lease or would like to rent an apartment, talk to a property manager today. You can also visit sites like for more information.


29 May 2018

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