When Should You Switch Real Estate Agents?

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Buying or selling property is a big deal. Often, it takes time. Your relationship with your real estate agent can determine the kind of deal you get. That's why you need a real estate agent that you are comfortable with.

If the relationship isn't working, you can walk away. What are the signs that you need to call it quits?

You Disagree on Most Issues

It is normal to disagree, even to have different views on issues. This can actually be a source of strength as the other party helps you to see things you'd otherwise have missed.

However, if you reach a point where you and agent disagree on almost everything, it's probably time to part ways.

Your Views are Ignored

When it gets to the point where your real estate agent ignores your views, it's probably time to move on.

Poor Communication

You agent does not return your calls or respond to your e-mails and text messages in a timely manner. This shows that they don't consider you a priority. Maybe it's time to get someone who does.

Lack of Activity

It is your agent's responsibility to find buyers or sellers for your property and schedule visits. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, you want evidence that your agent is working. If you're having very few or no view or visits, then most likely your agent is not doing their job as they should.


Is your real estate agent available when you need them? Some agents only work on weekends or weekdays; others do the job part time and are available only on certain days. This is fine so long as the agent is able to fit into your schedule.

If they are constantly unavailable and shifting appointments, it's time to consider switching agents.


Are you beginning to doubt your agent's competence? Some agents specialize in certain neighborhoods and may not have sufficient knowledge of other markets.

An agent who knows your area well will know the market prices as well how to attract buyers or sellers.


Some agents may want to push you in a direction you do not want to take; for example, trying to get you to buy property that is beyond your budget or needs.

When you feel that your agent is pushing you, just to close a deal, then consider switching agents.

Staying with a poor agent will affect your real estate transaction. If you are not seeing eye to eye with your agent, if they are unresponsive, fail to respect your views, are pushy or incompetent, feel free to look into real estate agent hiring.


29 May 2018

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