Freshen Your Home And Add Some Real Curb Appeal

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Whether you have your home on the market or you just want to give it a fresh, new appearance, the following tips will have your home shining in almost no time. Read on for some quick and easy ways to add to the outward appearance of your home.

Your home's entrance door

Your front door cannot escape the attention of visitors so make sure that it looks great. It's easy to overlook faded paint or worn fixtures, but your buyers won't. A coat of fresh paint can work wonders on the door, and some new lighting fixtures will produce an instant update. Shades of blue and green are popular right now, but the classic red is almost never wrong.

The front porch area

A welcoming spot to pause before entering will give visitors a chance to enjoy the charms of your porch. Greenery and floral color pots in odd numbers can look either casual or more formal, but you can achieve the look of expensive terracotta or ceramic pots with a plastic resin that is lighter and cheaper. Add a cute bench with colorful cushions to add even more of a "hello".

Freshen the trim

Shutters, gutters, and trim can begin to look dirty and dingy, so determine whether a good washing, painting, or total replacement is needed. What might look fine from the street will show its wear up close and can be a distraction from your home's best qualities.

Your mailbox area

If your mailbox is looking a bit worse for wear, a replacement may be in order. While you are hanging around the mailbox, consider trimming back any plantings or adding some colorful blooms nearby.

Power washing

If you don't own one of these powerful and handy garden implements, you can rent them from most hardware and big box home improvement stores by the day. Be careful when spraying toward windows, landscaping and anywhere with old paint that could peel.

Flower beds

Once you've pulled up those offending weeds, add some fresh ground cover (like mulch or straw). It will make your flowers and plants stand out, adding a neat look to your yard. Don't neglect the edging of your walkways and drive and consider some additional floral plantings to add color and interest.

Picket fences

It's not just an old saying; people really do like the looks of a white picket fence and this one minor, and inexpensive element could be what draws your buyer in. It's not necessary to use spendy wood when plastic fencing looks just like wood and resists the elements for years to come. If you really want to amp up the cottage look, go for a trellis or archway as well.

Talk to your real estate agent to get some more ideas for adding curb appeal. For more information, contact a company like RE/MAX SPACE CENTER-CLEAR LAKE.


18 June 2018

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