3 Natural, Non-Toxic Tile And Grout Cleaners You Can Make At Home


Cleaning your bathroom can be an overwhelming process. While you may have a variety of sprays, scrubs, and cleaning tools at your disposable, many of the chemicals used in these products are dangerous to your home and health. Known as VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, these chemicals can affect your ability to breathe and irritate your skin and eyes.

In addition, VOCs have been linked to kidney and liver damage. Because of these health hazards, avoiding these products is imperative. Fortunately, you can still clean your bathroom tile and grout successfully without affecting your health. Here are a few natural, non-toxic cleaners you can make at home.

Baking Soda

To clean your tile and grout quickly, consider using baking soda.

This powdery substance will start to fizzle and bubble when it comes in contact with water. This fizzing and bubbling is actually carbonation that is capable of eating through tough dirt, dust, and soap scum without toxic chemicals.

Baking soda is also rather easy to use. Fill a bowl with warm water and sprinkle a few teaspoons of baking soda into the water. Dip a sponge into the baking soda solution and use it to clean dirty areas of your tile and grout.

Use a sprayer to rinse away leftover residue in your tub and shower. For other areas, wipe down the leftover baking soda solution using a wet cloth.

Lemon Juice

Most people are surprised to learn that lemon juice is an effective option for cleaning your tile and grout. Not only will the acidic properties eat through heavy soap scum and severe stains, but the lemon's fresh scent is a safe and appealing addition for your bathroom.

To use, combine three parts water with one part lemon juice in a spray bottle. Shake the bottle to mix the ingredients before dousing the solution onto dirty or soapy areas of your tile and grout. Allow it to sit for a few minutes before rinsing off. In most cases, the lemon juice will remove heavy debris and stains without any scrubbing.


Another surprising way to clean your tile and grout without harmful VOCs is by using salt. Coarse table salt and Epsom salts can both be used as a natural cleaning agent.

A scrub made with water and salt can quickly remove dirt, dust, and soap scum without using irritating chemicals. Salt is also capable of killing germs and mold growth. It acts as a dehydrator, not only scrubbing away heavy residue but also drying out moisture that bacteria and mold find appealing for growth.

Cleaning your bathroom tile and grout does not have to be hazardous to your health. With one or more of these non-toxic solutions, you can clean your bathroom safely and effectively. For more information, contact a company like Superior Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Inc.


6 July 2018

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