Having Photos Taken Of Your House For Your Real Estate Listing? Do These 4 Things

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If your real estate agent has told you that they will be taking photos of your home for the listing, don't assume that they'll take care of everything for you. There is a lot of prep that must go into preparing your home so that the photos come out looking attractive to potential buyers. Here are four tips you should follow before the photographer arrives.

1. Clean Your Home

Your house should look immaculate for the photos since the cleanliness of your home reflects on how well you have taken care of it over the years. A dirty bathroom can potentially turn a buyer off to your home before they take a chance and step foot in it. It may even be worth it to hire a professional cleaning service to take care of the deep cleaning for you. It will help ensure that everything will look as good as possible.

2. Remove Your Clutter

Everyone has clutter, which may be as simple as trinkets let out on tables to fill in the empty space, or papers piling up on tables. All of this clutter can really look bad in photography though. It makes it look like you don't have space to put things, which could imply a lack of storage. It can also make it feel like you have outgrown your home, which will be a problem for whoever buys your home. Don't allow the home to look cramped by putting the clutter away. At the very least, be prepared to temporarily move items while the photos are being taken.

3. Remove Personalization

One thing that buyers find odd about homes is when they are filled with personalization. This includes artwork that the children made up on the refrigerator, or family photos that are framed and on the wall. Try to remove as much personalization as you can from your home that would give buyers a clear idea of who currently lives there. You want people envisioning themselves in the home, not buying a home that you happen to currently live in.

4. Improve The Yard

Don't forget about your curb appeal, which is often the first photo people see of the home's exterior. Focus on improving the home's front yard with some landscaping that can really make it look beautiful. Now is also the time to make cosmetic improvements to your home, such as painting wood that is peeling.

Speak to your agent for more tips about preparing for your real estate photos so that you can sell your home quickly. 


8 August 2018

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