Three Ways To Help Sell Your Home During Winter

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Winter is on its way to the United States, and winter traditionally is a harder time for selling a home. Not only do people like to stay indoors more once the temperature plummets, but also buyers are less likely to buy around the Christmas holiday period because they are busy gearing up for celebrations and visiting family. As someone who wants to put their house on the market now, it is important that you put extra thought and effort into presenting it in its best light. Here are three things you can do to make your home look attractive to the buying market.

Light The Fire

When it is cold outside and buyers have traipsed through low temperatures or snow to get to your home, there is nothing more appealing than walking in the front door and seeing a warm fire. If you have a fireplace in your home, have it lit and burning quietly in the background during open homes and scheduled showings. Not only is it visually appealing to see, but it also shows the buyer that the fireplace is in good working condition.

Clean The House

If a buyer walks into your home during the winter months and smells mold or damp, they are quickly going to turn on their heels and leave again. Make sure you give your house a deep clean before placing it on the market so that your buyer smells cleanliness when they enter the property. Use a cleaner with a citrus smell to give the property a clean odor without smelling clinical or sterile.

Turn On The Lights

There's not always a lot of sunshine around during the winter months, so during an open home or scheduled showing, turn on the lights of your home. You want the house to appear big, light, and airy, and this is not portrayed when the lights are off and the rooms are filled with shadows. Darkness and shadows make a room appear to be smaller than it is, so turn all the lights on to really accentuate the size of your property.

Talk to your real estate agent to get more information about how best to present your property during this trying selling time. They know all the tips and tricks to help you get the sale you want in the timeframe you want, and then you can get on with preparing your home for sale so it outshines all competition on the market


11 October 2018

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