Four Reasons to Prioritize Homes with Minimal Square Footage

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When you look at single-family houses while watching shows and reading online magazines, you may notice that many homes have high square footage. Although you can benefit from a large home in a few ways, you should consider the reasons to prioritize minimal square footage.


A huge factor that comes into play when you move into a massive home is how much upkeep will be required. Even when you only consider the cleaning, you will put a lot of time and effort into mopping, vacuuming, dusting, and wiping down surfaces to make the house spotless. These cleaning responsibilities will cut into free time to spend with your family or enjoying hobbies.

In addition to the cleaning, you will want to keep up with preventive maintenance to minimize the chance of things breaking around the house. When it comes to important systems such as plumbing and electrical, you will have more wiring and pipes that need to be maintained. Getting a small home minimizes the amount of these systems, which keeps your total upkeep down.


Even if you move into a large house from another single-family home, you may not have nearly enough furniture to furnish every room when you get one with a lot of square footage. By buying a small home, you may not have to worry about going furniture shopping for a long time. You may be able to furnish your home with all the essentials without having any room look empty.


Spending time with your family is something that you may love doing and want to encourage often. A large, multi-story home makes it difficult to stay close with your family because everyone ends up being spread so far apart when each family member is in a different room.

For instance, a small home allows you to prepare dinner and notify everyone that food is ready by simply raising your voice without resorting to shouting or leaving the kitchen. Also, you may like being able to walk out of your bedroom and visit one of your kids' bedrooms in a few steps.


Another factor to consider with a huge home is your utility costs. Running the heater or air conditioning system can get expensive when you try to heat up or cool down the entire home. You will appreciate being able to minimize these expenses by prioritizing smaller homes.

While you may like some of the things that come with living in a large home, you can enjoy several benefits that will lead to a great experience as a homeowner by buying a small house. For help finding smaller homes in your area, contact a home real estate agent.





22 October 2018

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