Theme Parks And Timeshares: Where You Can Go To Stay And Play

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Timeshares are one thing. Timeshares owned by theme parks are quite another. Why is that? It is because timeshares associated with theme parks have added benefits, such as year-long park passes/tickets and transportation to and from the parks. If you want a timeshare plus extra park perks, check with real estate agents in the following locations. 

Orlando, Florida

​Home to a couple of really big and ultra-famous theme parks, timeshares here are the ideal thing. In addition to having a timeshare, you are at the heart of Florida theme park central. It does not matter if you choose to go to the parks owned by one company, or opt to go to parks owned by another company. For example, if you buy into Disney timeshares, you are not "forbidden" to go to any of the other famous and iconic parks in and around this city. It is just that the company that owns the timeshare you buy is going to make it so much easier for you to go to their parks instead of the competitors'. Still, a timeshare in Orlando, Florida really does put you in the heart of the action.

​Anaheim-Sante Fe Springs-Los Angeles, CA

​Anaheim is home to another major theme park. There are also lots of other things you can do in Anaheim should you get bored with the theme parks after a time. Sante Fe Springs is the halfway point between this theme park and another theme park in Los Angeles, CA. Any timeshare located near and around the two famous theme parks or in between them along the route of twenty-seven miles is a good place to buy into because it allows you flexibility to visit either park any time you want. 

Multiple Flags, Multiple Locations

​Perhaps the third most famous series of theme parks, which boasts even more locations across the United States, is more your speed. Six of this company's parks are located coast to coast, with the midpoint park located close to Chicago, Illinois. Timeshares are not necessarily owned by this company, but they do offer discounted passes for any timeshare company willing to partner with them. Be sure to ask you real estate agent about extra park perks and/or tickets/passes in conjunction with any timeshares located in any of the six cities close to this company's theme parks. The real estate agent or realtor can point you in the right direction. 


4 March 2019

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