Is It Time for You to Buy a Larger Home?

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There comes a time when everyone considers getting a larger home. Whether you're still in your starter home or you've just found that your current home isn't up to the task, the need for more space can become pressing. Of course, a larger home often comes with additional expenses—even when purchased in a more affordable area. How can you tell whether you're really ready to scale up?

Are There Spaces in Your Home That Are Going Unused?

If there are areas of your current home that are currently not utilized, it could be easier to renovate your existing home. This includes areas that are just being used for storage. A basement full of boxes could be converted into a full home office, if you just purchase a storage unit.

On the other hand, if you're using every single space of your home, you're probably at capacity. Nothing's going to change that except for purchasing a property that's larger.

Can You Save Money by Moving?

Is your home's value tied up in its location? If you have a small home close to the city, it may be time to consider moving out farther away and purchasing a larger home. Sometimes you can exchange one property for a property of a similar value. This gives you the opportunity to get a larger home without having to invest a lot of cash.

Is Your Family Growing?

A home's capacity is strongly tied to the number of people in it. If you expect that your family will be growing (or if your family has already grown), it is likely that it's time for you to get a larger home. As children grow up, they need more space; it's better to situate yourselves into your "forever home" now rather than wait until later. 

Don't forget to consider the advantages of a multi-generational home. If you expect that your older children may need to move back home, you may want to consider purchasing a larger home now. This will give each generation the space they need while also enabling the household to save money together.

Talking with a real estate agent about your needs can give you more information. It's possible to get a larger home without increasing your budget, by purchasing in a different area or by sacrificing things such as lot size. Your agent will know more about the opportunities in your market. Contact businesses such as Rodney Bean Real Estate & Investment for more information.


19 March 2019

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