Expenses You Should Prepare To Pay For As A New Homeowner

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The decision to buy a home comes with some excitement, but can also come with a bit of apprehension because of all the new responsibilities you will take on. But as a homeowner, the benefits of purchasing one of the new homes for sale can outweigh its costs. Just be sure you are aware of these new expenses so you are not caught unaware. Here are some new homeowner expenses and costs you should plan and budget for so you are as prepared as possible for your new acquisition.

Closing Costs

During the actual signing of your new house at the closing meeting, you will sign documents to transfer title, start your new mortgage, and other legal documents pertaining to the transaction. In addition you will need to pay for the costs associated with the purchase. These costs can range from a variety of expenses with buying a house, and can include fees, such as a home inspection to inform you and inspect the home of its condition. 

You will also need to pay for a home appraisal, which relates with your new home mortgage. The home appraisal is to confirm with the mortgage company the true value of the home and to make sure they are loaning you money against a property that has a value to cover its payoff. For example, if you are borrowing $200,000 to buy a house, the appraisal needs to find the home has at least a value of $200,000. Otherwise, the mortgage company will not lend you the funds to buy the home. Another expense you need to pay for within the closing costs can include property taxes, a loan origination fee and underwriter's fee, and even a courier fee to transport documents and a wire fee to pay for the cost of electronically transferring the purchase funds.

Home Repair Savings

After the closing and settlement meeting in which you pay for closing costs, you will need to prepare for the future and start a savings fund to cover various home repairs. Even in a new home, can repairs be necessary, especially in an emergency situation. Because you are the owner of the home, you won't have a landlord or property manager to handle and pay for repairs to the home. For example, you come home from work one day and find out you have no hot water in your home because the water heater has stopped working and needs replaced. You will need to pay for a new water heater, which can be several hundred dollars. 

You may also encounter a clogged toilet, which you cannot unclog with a plunger. This will require you to call a plumber, who will usually require full payment when they arrive at your home.


1 September 2019

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