How Many Bedrooms Should Your Apartment Have? 5 Factors

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One of the most compelling questions for young or new apartment hunters is how many bedrooms they need. While this question might seem simple — after all, you're just a party of one or two — it actually includes several different factors. Here are five of these to keep in mind. 

1. Your Budget. Most people would love to have a huge, multi-bedroom apartment, but not everyone has the budget for it. Setting a reasonable budget in advance helps you balance size and number of rooms with price tag. The balance might include opting for a two- or three-bedroom apartment in a less trendy area if it means more space. It also might mean sacrificing the extra room to live in the right neighborhood. 

2. Landlord Restrictions. You may not be aware that landlords and city zoning departments may have a say in how many people you can fit into a bedroom. Generally, you'll often find restrictions like no more than two persons per bedroom — and further restrictions in certain situations (such as fostering). Unless you're a single renter or a couple, check local limitations before settling on a budget or size. 

3. Previous Living Situations. Are you a new couple moving in together? Have you downsized from a larger home? In both cases, you may find that you need the extra bedrooms to handle the stuff that overflows from your prior living arrangements. Combining two households can be much more complicated — and a lot messier — than you expected. 

4. Work Needs. Many workers today rely on a home office for remote working and videoconferencing. You don't want to be stuck trying to hold a business meeting or create a client estimate while your family gets caught up with their favorite TV shows. Whether or not you need a home office or work space regularly, the extra bedroom will make it much less stressful.

5. Home Time. Apartment living means utilizing your indoors more than you would in a single family home with a yard. Will you enjoy being in close quarters so much? Newlyweds in the 'honeymoon' phase may enjoy the enforced intimacy, but a couple who both work from home and don't go out much might find themselves irritated by it. On the other hand, those who tend to be away from home a lot — working, playing, hiking, traveling, or dining — might waste their money on extra rooms. 

As you consider each of these factors, you'll begin to see how you or your family actually uses their home. This way, you can tailor your bedroom requirements to your own lifestyle and needs. Start today by meeting with a real estate agent who specializes in apartment living. 

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2 July 2020

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