4 Ways An Insurance Adjuster Can Help You


The average person doesn't know a lot about insurance adjusters. In many instances, people aren't introduced to these professionals until they find themselves dealing with a tragedy, such as a home fire or automobile accident. If you're facing this type of scenario, it's vital that you know what an insurance adjuster can afford you. 1. Costs Savings An insurance adjuster can help you save money. Unfortunately, some people look at the fact that insurance adjusting is a paid service and assume that's costly.

29 April 2018

Keys To Successful Office Fire Alarm Use


It's a given that your office needs a fire alarm system, but do you know how to ensure that each alarm stays in great shape, and how to ensure that everyone knows what to do when the alarm goes off? Yes, you should hold fire drills, but there's more to it than that. Maintenance Schedules Just as homeowners often forget to check the batteries in their home smoke detectors, so too do office building owners and company executives forget that commercial fire alarms need maintenance as well.

28 April 2018

Everything You Need To Know About Bed Bugs


Bed bugs aren't a made up bug from a rhyme; they're an actual bug that is anything but cute. These bugs are tiny in size but can bite you leaving you with itchy welts on your body. They can multiply and take over your home if you aren't careful. Read on for more information about bed bugs. They Aren't Just In Your Bed Although the name would suggest these bugs are located in the bed, they can be in your carpeting, couches, dressers, and tables, behind baseboards, electrical outlets and even behind wall hangings.

23 April 2018

What Are The Advantages Of Security Access Badges For Every Employee?


In a workplace setting, keeping everyone secure is one of the top priorities you have as a business owner, which is why you will spend a lot of time implementing things like fire-protection devices, surveillance cameras, and different alarms. However, there is one other step you can take to maintain complete control over building security, and that is installing a security access system that requires an access card to grant access.

11 April 2018