Is It Time for You to Buy a Larger Home?

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There comes a time when everyone considers getting a larger home. Whether you're still in your starter home or you've just found that your current home isn't up to the task, the need for more space can become pressing. Of course, a larger home often comes with additional expenses—even when purchased in a more affordable area. How can you tell whether you're really ready to scale up? Are There Spaces in Your Home That Are Going Unused?

19 March 2019

Theme Parks And Timeshares: Where You Can Go To Stay And Play

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Timeshares are one thing. Timeshares owned by theme parks are quite another. Why is that? It is because timeshares associated with theme parks have added benefits, such as year-long park passes/tickets and transportation to and from the parks. If you want a timeshare plus extra park perks, check with real estate agents in the following locations.  Orlando, Florida ​Home to a couple of really big and ultra-famous theme parks, timeshares here are the ideal thing.

4 March 2019